About NonWoven Malaysia



NONWOVEN PRODUCT INDUSTRIES (M) SDN BHD is the Pioneer Company in Malaysia for manufacturing and in the development of nonwoven product in the early 70’s. Established in 1975, the co. is recognized by industrialist as the leading manufacturer of nonwoven products in this region for more than three decades.

The company is a wholly owned Malaysian company with a paid-up capital exceeding RM9M.

The company has a workforce of about 100 employees under the leadership of a dynamic team of experienced personnel who are trained by experts in the Nonwoven industry from Japan, Taiwan, Austria, France, United Kingdom and United States of America.

In present day, people are much aware of the importance of nonwoven products and their applications in a modern society.

In this ever-going world of innovation, NPI plays the key role in providing a wide range of fabric for home furnishing and automotive upholstery and become indispensably niche to the car and textile industry as supplier of component parts to their needs.

We produce a diversified range of nonwoven products, which caters for the garment, upholstery, interior design, bedding, embroidery, furniture, filtration, automotive industries and Geotextile for ecological purposes. We have the ability to customize and work closely with our customers to meet their specific needs.

Our plants have a total combined manufacturing area of 160,000 sq/ft and have the ability to produce the full range of products as described herein.

Our Products Lineup

Geo-textile Materials
Bonded Fibre Material
Filtration Material
Needle Punched Fabric / Felt
Nonwoven Fabric / Interlining Fabric
Commercial Carpet & Automotive Carpet / Felt