Struto V-Lap Malaysia

Struto / V-Lap



STRUTO is a Nonwoven structure where all the fibers are orientated in the vertical position; this gives the highest possible resilience and recovery after repeated compression. STRUTO is a technically engineered structure with the following properties;

  • Lightweight
  • Consistent
  • Recyclable
  • Support
  • Resilient
  • Recovery
  • Absorption
Product Code: ST
Grammage: 200 g/m² – 900 g/m²
Application: Bedding
Keywords: Struto, V-lap, Malaysia

STRUTO Vertical Lapped Nonwoven structures are very successful in a number of fields such as OEM Automotive component manufacturing. STRUTO is commonly used in this field as a replacement for bulky heavyweight cross laid and air laid insulation materials, headliner, floor and trunk systems.